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Easy Writer Software
  • Easy Writer SoftwareDevelops writing, grammar, error correction, reading, and now listening (Easy Writer Deluxe)
  • For ESL students in community college, university, and high school.
  • For students taking the TOEFL and the GED Tests
  • For high school students in "at risk programmes."
  • Suitable for native speakers who need to work with punctuation, passive voice structures, conditional sentences, and certain verb forms.
  • Texts are based upon “85 real essays” with real errors submitted by the author’s students.
  • Unique “Grammar Help” button that provides mini grammar lessons.
  • May be used for either classroom use or individualized instruction.
  • Read what others have said about Easy Writer: Interactive Software for ESL Students!

Easy Writer Deluxe Demo

  1. Click on the hyperlink.
  2. Click "save file". The file will download to your default "download" folder (or Desktop).
  3. Go to your default "download" folder (or Desktop) and find the "setup.exe" file for "Easy Writer Deluxe: Examination Version". Click "run". This will run the installation process. Follow the instructions.
  4. To run, go to "Programs" and click on "Easy Writer Deluxe: Examination Version".

Online Resources

Our online resources provide additional writing, reading, and listening activities for learners of English. It is a center for teachers and for students. Teachers can obtain lesson plans and activities here; students can download the .pdf files of the essays, listen to the essays online, listen to and read a variety of lessons on grammar, American manners, mannerisms, life and cultural institutions, "how to's" and other helpful and practical lessons and topics. Resource Centre

Easy Writer Pricing 2012 - download order forms below!

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Licence for Standard Version Price ** Supplementary Materials
1—4  workstations $ 88.95 each sold separately *
5-pack $399.00 sold separately *
10-pack $  724.00 sold separately *
Lab Licence (30 workstations maximum) $ 1275.00 included
Building and School Site Licence Contact us for a quote included

Upgrade a previous version Contact us for a quote  
* Student/Teacher Resource Package: Checklist of Stories and Concordance of Errors $ 19.50  
The Grammar HELP! Student Workbook $28.50 each  
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Licence for Deluxe Version Price ** Supplementary Materials
1—4  workstations $ 112.95 each sold separately *
5-pack $ 515.00 sold separately *
10-pack $  949.00 sold separately *
Lab Licence (30 workstations maximum) $ 1675.00 included
* Student/Teacher Resource Package: Checklist of Stories and Concordance of Error $ 19.50  
The Grammar HELP! Student Workbook $28.50 each  
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Licence for The Sounds of Writing Price ** Supplementary Materials
1—4  workstations $ 44.00 each  
5-pack $ 199.00  
10-pack $  359.00  
Lab Licence (30 workstations maximum) $ 689.00  
* Student/Teacher Resource Package: Checklist of Stories and Concordance of Errors $ 19.50  
The Grammar HELP! Student Workbook $28.50 each  
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The Grammar Help! Student Handbook
new Easy Writer companion

  • The Grammar Handbookpacked with grammar explanations, examples and activities, and sentences and paragraphs to edit that you can use it on its own, even without the software.
  • a book for students who are serious about improving their English writing skills, and serious about enjoying the process.
  • An ESL Student's Guide to English Grammar and Editing with Examples and Exercises
  • See Table of Contents and Sample Pages.
  • The cost for this new handbook is $28.50 + applicable tax(es) and shipping charges. Contact us for shipping/handling rates.
  • Use any one of the order forms in the tables above as they include a section for ordering Grammar Help!
  • For more information, please contact us.

English Discoveries for ESL students

English Discoveries Video PresentationEnglish Discoveries is used in over 40 countries and was designed by a team of educators from Edusoft/Edustar and the world renowned Berlitz Language Training Company. The goal of the English Discoveries course is to provide students with a comprehensive coverage of all essential English structures and approximately 3500 vocabulary items as well as exposure to practice with authentic language at their own level. The entry level is zero (no knowledge at all required) and the exit level is intermediate/ secondary. This language learning series offers the latest in multimedia software for the instruction of English as a second language or foreign language. It is available in 24 languages. It is a comprehensive series that provides a total experience in the following language skills:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Writing

English Discoveries provides specific language activities in:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary

Who Should Use English Discoveries?

  • Skill level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Age Range: Adolescent to Adult

Key Features:

For the student:

  • Engaging Video Situations that use full motion clips that include excellent language content and exciting story lines.
  • Interactive audio allows users to listen to native speakers and record their voices for comparison.
  • Stunning, State-of – the art Graphics: Vivid colours and helpful animations keep each lesson engaging.
  • Language translations: The simple click of the mouse provides instant translations in many languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, and Turkish.
  • Adventure Games provides opportunities for the student to apply skills and knowledge learnt from other activities in an entertaining and engaging manner.

For the Teacher:

  • Pre/Post Test for each module. Provides convenient summative evaluation.
  • Pre-designed and Instructor Organized Lessons to assist teacher in her/ his lesson planning.
  • Reproducible Homework Activities that have been conveniently correlated to lessons.
  • Record Keeping: The system tracks student scores and progress in different skill areas.
  • Web Interactivity provides for a wider range of learning activities.

How is English Discoveries Organized?

This comprehensive series of 12 CDs consists of:

  • Let’s Start - 1 CD
  • Basic - 3 CDs
  • Intermediate - 3CDs
  • Advanced - 3 CDs
  • Review - 1 CD
  • Executive - 1 CD

How is it available?

It may be purchased as a complete set or by level. Pricing is shown in the following table.

  Number of Workstations
  1 to 9 10 to 19 20 to 29 30 to 49 50+
Full Set (12 CDs) $699.00 $599.00 $549.00 $499.00 $449.00
Let's Start (1 CD) $86.00 $76.00 $71.00 $65.00 $65.00
Basic (3 CDs) $373.00 $323.00 $293.00 $263.00 $233.00
Intermediate (3 CDs) $373.00 $323.00 $293.00 $263.00 $233.00
Advanced (3 CDs) $373.00 $323.00 $293.00 $263.00 $233.00
Review (1 CD) $99.00 $89.00 $79.00 $69.00 $69.00
Executive (1 CD) $109.00 $99.00 $89.00 $79.00 $79.00
New English Discoveries Books for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels
@ $14.95 each. Nine books.
Download the English Discoveries Order Form (MS Word file with form fields)

English Discoveries comes in stand-alone or network versions. The network version includes Teacher Management for tracking student records and creating custom lesson plans.

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